Grizzly Bear Viewing

Welcome to one of the most pristine grizzly bear habitats in the world



Maximum 6 guests per guide

Time of year

August 15 - October 16, 2024


3, 4, or 5 nights

Minimum Age


Minimum Fitness Level Easy - Light walking with a few climbs that are more challenging than a flight of stairs. Easy does it, however, if you have mobility issues, this activity, or all our packages, may not be appropriate for you (call us to discuss).

To take part, you should be able to;
- Walk over uneven ground for several hundred metres for up to 3 hours
- Be able to step into a drift boat (3 feet high) on uneven ground

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Stay at least 2-nights and receive an additional night free*

Package Description

Nestled in the heart of Bella Coola, British Columbia, our lodge sits amidst one of the world's most dense grizzly bear habitats. Annually, this region witnesses a natural spectacle as migratory grizzly bears converge by the rivers, drawn by the surge of wild Pacific salmon returning upstream. This event offers a rare glimpse into the lives of these majestic creatures, enhancing their diet beyond the spring’s fare of bulbs and berries.

Strategically positioned near the Atnarko River, our lodge boasts a private viewing platform, providing our distinguished guests with frequent, diverse, and discreet wildlife encounters. This setup ensures a blend of safety and respect for nature’s boundaries, perfect for the discerning observer and photographer.

For those who seek a more guided experience, our bespoke Grizzly Bear Viewing River Drifts and Grizzly Bear Ecology Walking Tours are unparalleled. Each day, our expert team of wilderness and wildlife guides embarks on interpretive journeys into the grizzlies’ domain, offering an intimate look at their behaviors and habitats.

Experience the serenity of our Grizzly Bear Viewing River Drifts, a silent voyage that follows the meandering paths of the Atnarko River. Glide past foraging bears and pause along untouched riverbanks to witness their behaviors up-close. Alternatively, our Grizzly Bear Ecology Walks allow you to tread through the bears’ territories with a certified guide, immersing you in the environment from a bear’s eye view.

Esteemed as a "Canadian Signature Experience" by Destination Canada, our Grizzly Bear Viewing River Drifts stand among the most authentic and immersive wildlife experiences offered to global travelers. This distinction underlines our commitment to providing unforgettable encounters that resonate with the sophisticated nature enthusiast and wildlife photographer.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge's Grizzly Bear Safari is a Canadian Signature Experiences

*Special offer is limited to reservations made between July 1, 2024, and October 16, 2024, for travel dates between August 15 and September 10, 2024, and between September 22 and October 16, 2024.

  • Package Configurations

    Select between a Small Group or Private Package. Here are the differences:

    Small Group Packages

    Experience the best of both worlds with our Small Group packages. Immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness of the Great Bear Rainforest alongside a small, close-knit group of adventurers.

    With a maximum of just 6 guests per guide, you'll receive personalized attention and expert guidance throughout your journey. While accommodation is based on double occupancy by default, our activities are tailored for intimate exploration, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every participant. 

    Private Packages

    Indulge in the epitome of exclusivity and flexibility with our Private packages. Set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Great Bear Rainforest, these packages offer you the luxury of personalized adventures tailored to your preferences and pace. 

    With your own private guide leading the way, you'll embark on a journey of discovery with unparalleled attention to detail. While accommodation is based on double occupancy by default, our activities ensure an intimate experience, with your private guide dedicated solely to you and your group. 

    Travelling with children? If you plan to travel with children 11 years of age or younger, you will need to book a Private Package and visit us during the Fresh Tracks season from August 14th to August 31st.

    Children under 12 years of age are not permitted during the Salmon Run from September 1st to September 30th or during the Autumn in The Great Bear Rainforest seasons from October 1st to October 16th.

    Contact us for special group rates if you're a group or 5 or more people.

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2024 Package Rates

  • Fresh Tracks - August 15th to August 31st

    August is the start of the salmon run and is an exciting time to witness grizzly bears as they emerge from the subalpine. As salmon swim upstream, bears begin to move down to the surrounding river banks in search of protein-rich enhancements to their spring diet of bulbs and berries.

    Through an immersive itinerary of river drifts, interpretive nature walks, and assisted climbing adventures, our team of professional wilderness and wildlife guides will offer educational insights into the behaviour of these impressive animals as well as the diversity of their habitat.

    August is generally warm and dry, making it an excellent time to explore the outdoors in comfort.

      Adults (19+)   Youth (12-18) when with 2 adults   Child (3-11) when with 2 adults
      Small Group  Private    Small Group Private    Small Group Private 
    3 Night Package $3,825


    $5,025 $3,350   $1,905 $1,270 $2,505 $1,670   $975 $650 $1,275 $850
    4 Night Package $5,100 $3,825 $6,700 $5,025   $2,540 $1,905 $3,340 $2,505   $1,300 $975 $1,700 $1,275
    5 Night Package $6,375 $5,100 $8,375 $6,700   $3,175 $2,540 $4,175 $3,340   $1,625 $1,300 $2,125 $1,700
    Per Night (as reference only) $1,435 $1,835   $715 $915   $325 $425
    Single Occupancy Surcharge  +$575                          

    All rates are per person based on double occupancy. Rates are shown before tax in Canadian dollars and are subject to a 5% goods and services tax, a 2% sustainability surcharge, and an $11 per night municipal regional district tax.

    *Special offer is limited to reservations made between July 1, 2024, and August 31, 2024, for travel dates between August 15 and August 31, 2024.

  • The Salmon Run - September 1st to September 30th

  • Autumn in The Great Bear Rainforest - October 1st to October 16th

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Artist in Residence Series

Janice Robertson

August 15th to August 20th

Janice Robertson, born in 1952 on Vancouver Island, comes from a lineage of female artists. Based in Fort Langley, BC, she began her professional art journey in 1989.

Throughout her career, Janice has earned notable awards, including the Foreign Award in the Houston Watercolor Society’s Exhibition (2004) and the William and Margaret Foley Award in the Adirondacks National Exhibition of Watercolors (2008). She's also won the Bronze Medal thrice in the Federation of Canadian Artists Annual Signature Members exhibition.

A signature member of several prestigious art organizations, Janice has also served as President of the Federation of Canadian Artists (1999-2001). Her works grace collections worldwide, and she's listed in Who’s Who in Canada.

Janice is celebrated not only for her art but also as a respected workshop instructor and author of two instructional books on acrylic painting techniques.

Her art, spanning acrylic, watercolor, and oil mediums, reflects her deep love for the west coast forests and beaches, as well as her home and garden. Represented by galleries in Vancouver, Whistler, Sidney, and Fort Langley, Janice Robertson's work continues to captivate audiences globally.

Andrea Moore

August 22nd to August 27th

Andrea Moore, based in Whistler, B.C., specializes in creating acrylic and mixed media artworks, predominantly focusing on wild and domestic animals. Her distinctive style incorporates loose, sometimes gestural, brushwork, aiming to convey the essence and vitality of her subjects, often with a profound emphasis on their eyes.

Originally from Greater Vancouver, Moore pursued studies in Italian and German at the University of British Columbia before residing in Japan and Italy. Settling in Whistler in 1997, she discovered her passion for painting and dedicated herself to honing her craft through intensive study and practice under the guidance of prominent Canadian artists and instructors.

Inspired by the untamed wilderness and natural splendor of the North American west, Moore's art reflects the rugged beauty of mountain landscapes. When not immersed in her Whistler studio, she can often be found exploring the forests with her dog, engaging in activities like hiking, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing, all while capturing moments through photography that later inspire her artwork. Her artistic process is deeply physical, increasingly gravitating towards the creation of large-scale pieces.

Susie Cipolla

August 30th to September 6th

Susie Cipolla, a Vancouver native, discovered her artistic talent at the age of seven by winning a bicycle in a Dairyland coloring contest. However, her artistic pursuits took a backseat as she pursued a career in physiotherapy, eventually managing a group of physiotherapy clinics.

In 2009, a pivotal moment occurred when Susie attended a painting workshop with Brian Atyeo, reigniting her passion for art. She then transitioned to a full-time artist, dedicating herself to refining her craft through workshops and mentorship with notable artists like Robert Genn and Mike Svob.

Based in Pemberton Valley, B.C., Susie lives with her family on a rural property where she operates her large studio. She not only creates but also fosters learning opportunities for other artists.

Specializing in acrylics, Susie's work ranges from poetic abstracts to vivid landscapes and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. Her paintings, characterized by earthy red underpainting, have earned her recognition as an award-winning Senior Signature Member (SFCA) and a respected figure in the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Susie is also a founding member of The Whistler Out Of Bounds Artist Group. Her artwork is represented in galleries across Canada, from British Columbia to Quebec, where it has found enthusiastic collectors.

Doria Moodie

September 9th to September 15th

Doria is a dedicated full-time artist based in Whistler, BC. Her deep-rooted passion for wildlife conservation blossomed after her initial visit to the Great Bear Rainforest 12 years ago, leading her to become a staunch advocate for grizzly bears. Currently serving on the board of the Grizzly Bear Foundation and appointed as their official artist, Doria allocates one percent of her sales to support the foundation's crucial efforts in ensuring the long-term survival of grizzlies as a keystone species. Through her poignant portraits of bears, observed firsthand or through the lens of a friend's camera, she aims to highlight their intelligence and potential for harmonious coexistence with humans, given mutual respect. Notably, Doria held the esteemed position of artist-in-residence at a bear-viewing lodge in Knight Inlet, BC, for several years.

Doria's artistic journey traces back to her formative years attending Saturday morning art classes at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Fueled by a fascination with facial expressions and the depth they convey, she transitioned from a teaching career seventeen years ago to pursue painting predominantly in acrylics. Through rigorous training and guidance from master artists in various workshops and classes, she has honed her skills, now boasting a studio in Whistler where she captures not only bears but also expansive landscapes and occasional portraits. Inspired by the awe-inspiring natural surroundings of her home, Doria endeavors to infuse her artwork with a profound reverence for nature.

Recognized as an Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a founding member of the Whistler Out of Bounds Artists, Doria's work has found a home in Mountain Galleries in Whistler, Banff, and Jasper for over a decade, bringing the beauty of the wild into homes worldwide.

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