Grizzly Bear Viewing in the Great Bear Rainforest


Maximum 6

Time of year

September 1 - October 16, 2023


3, 4, or 5 nights

Minimum Age


Minimum Fitness Level Easy - Light walking with a few climbs that are more challenging than a flight of stairs. Easy does it, however, if you have mobility issues, this activity, or all our packages, may not be appropriate for you (call us to discuss).

To take part, you should be able to;
- Walk over uneven ground for several hundred metres for up to 3 hours
- Be able to step into a drift boat (3 feet high) on uneven ground

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge's Grizzly Bear Safari is a Canadian Signature Experiences

Package Description

In late summer, when the salmon arrive to spawn, Bella Coola is host to one of the highest concentrations of grizzly bears on the planet. Among these old growth forests, pristine rivers, stunning peaks, soaring eagles, and vast glaciers, there is one animal at the top of the food chain: it is the mighty grizzly bear.

Engage all of your senses on an immersive encounter with the grizzly residents of Bella Coola. Watch in awe as coastal migratory Grizzly Bears catch and feast on wild pacific salmon as you silently drift down the meandering curves of the Atnarko River. Venture out on foot through the Great Bear Rainforest, with a knowledgeable guide, to discover these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

What's Included

  • Transfers to and from the Bella Coola airport or the BC Ferries terminal on arrival and departure days
  • A complimentary bottle of wine upon arrival (one per group)
  • Accommodation (double occupancy) in beautiful, private timber frame chalets at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
  • All food and non-alcoholic beverages (hot or cold breakfast, lunch menu or picnic on the trail, apres snacks, and multi-course dinners)
  • Two half-day or one full-day guided activity on each full day of the package (no activities on arrival or departure day)
  • Guide service by certified wilderness and bear viewing guides
  • All safety equipment; lifejackets, rain gear, radios, umbrellas, binoculars
  • Use of all self-directed indoor and outdoor recreation equipment
  • Local ground transportation

What's Not Included

  • Helicopter Adventures and River Fishing (not available during Grizzly Bear Safari season)
  • Alcohol
  • Retail purchases

Our Grizzly Bear Viewing River Drifts are recognized by Destination Canada as a "Canadian Signature Experience". This curated list showcases authentic, immersive and engaging tourism experiences for travellers from around the world.

Visiting in Early to Mid-October

In addition to September, the month of October is a great time to visit too! The bears are fattening up before going into hibernation. In October, grizzlies occasionally frequent our lower lodge lawn more often than other months in order to graze on the clover.

Other reasons to visit in October:

- No crowds! We are still running bear viewing tours while the public viewing station is closed. This means our guests pretty much have the river to themselves and a few random Coho fishermen!
- Beautiful Autumn Colours! The contrast is amazing: lush, green lawns, with deciduous trees displaying every variation of green, yellow, orange and red you can imagine.....and sometimes there might be a backdrop of white when the mountain tops receive their first dustings of snow
- Mild temperatures! In October the summer heat is long gone and winter's frigid temperatures haven't arrived just yet
- Mushrooms! Have you been to Bella Coola in the fall and seen cars parked on the side of the road? They belong to local mushroom pickers. The damp forest floor is perfect for pine mushrooms to flourish. You might even get to enjoy some for dinner while staying at the lodge...or come and pick your own, the chef will cook them up for you!

Suggestions for Photographers

- Upgrade to a Private - If you are a professional or serious amateur photographer, we strongly suggest upgrading to a Private package. When on a river drift in a Private package, guests will be in a McKenzie Drift Boat which has a sold bottom and sides, enhancing stability. Additionally, guests can move freely around the boat to get the ideal shot position as the guide is not concerned with other guests in the group. With a Private package, we can customize your tours to suit your desires.
- Camera Lenses - We recommend a lens in the 400mm-600mm range, depending on if you are using a crop sensor or full-frame camera.
- Book Early - As one of the best locations in the world to watch grizzly bears catch salmon, we book up far in advance. It is never too early to book!
- Book A Longer Trip - the only complaint we seem to get is "we didn't book long enough"! We suggest booking a minimum of 4 nights. 

2023 Summer Rates

Grizzly Bear Safari packages are available from September 1 to October 16, 2023.

Prime season runs from September 1 to September 30 and shoulder season runs from October 1 to october 16.

Guests have the option of choosing a Small Group package or upgrading to a Private package.

Here are the differences; 

Small Group = Social + Value

Wildlife viewing experiences are so much better in small, intimate groups. Small Group packages offer the knowledge and expertise of experienced guides to guests travelling in groups of 1 to 6. Itineraries are set and there will be a maximum of 6 guests per guide. Activity substitutions are possible based on availability and subject to an upgrade fee.

Private = Flexibility + Exclusivity

Whether you’re looking for adventure or prefer to leisurely explore, Private packages allow you to tailor your itinerary to suit your interests, you preferred pace, and you physical ability level. On Grizzly Bear Viewing River Drifts you will get to use a McKenzie Drift Boat, which is the best option for serious photographers (as it has a solid base and sides) versus an Inflatable Raft, which is used in our Small Group packages.

How long should you stay? If your budget and time allows, we strongly staying for 4 or 5 nights. A 3 night package only offers 2 full-days of potential viewing opportunities. In the rare circumstance that the bears are not around on a certain day, this only leaves 1 additional day of potential viewing opportunities. By staying for 4 or 5 nights you greatly increase your chances of increasing the quantity and quality of bear sightings.

Travelling with children? We only accept children 12 years and older during Grizzly Bear Safari season.

Insider Tip! Groups with children under 12 that want to see bears should join us in late August. It is not officially grizzly season, but there is small chance you might still see bears. 

If your group is 5 or more people, please contact us for special group rates.

Travelling solo? Welcome! In order to purchase a Single Occupancy upgrade you will need to pay for the cost of two packages. 

  • 3 Night Grizzly Bear Safari

    2 full days of guided activities.

    Starting from $4133 per Adult (19+)

    See Itinerary

  • 4 Night Grizzly Bear Safari

    3 full days of guided activities.

    Starting from $5510 per Adult (19+)

    See Itinerary

  • 5 Night Grizzly Bear Safari

    4 full days of guided activities.

    Starting from $6888 per Adult (19+)

    See Itinerary

All rates are before tax in Canadian dollars and are subject to a 5% goods and services tax.


We would be more than happy to chat about how we can help you have an amazing holiday in the Bella Coola Valley and the Great Bear Rainforest!

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