Nature & Wildlife

The flora & fauna of The Great Bear Rainforest

Home to extraordinary biodiversity and unparalleled beauty, the Bella Coola Valley is British Columbia’s best-kept secret

Discover Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, nestled amongst the majestic Coast Mountains, the largest fjord system in the Americas, the high Chilcotin Plateau, and the planet’s largest expanse of coastal temperate rainforest. Join us to encounter abundant wildlife and nature in action, with easy access to the Great Bear Rainforest, the Pacific Ocean and neighbouring glaciers.

This region occupies many of British Columbia’s biogeoclimatic zones, fostering great eco and bio-diversity. Explore the terrain and wildlife unique to each zone with your very own guided tour. Spot grizzly bears, bald eagles, deer, black bears, or try your hand at catching up to five species of Pacific salmon!

At Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, you’ll be treated to on-site wildlife viewings from our private Wildlife Viewing Platforms, and even the lodge lawn!   

What Wildlife Will We See at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge?

Set deep in the wilderness at an ecological intersection, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge enchants with both coastal and mountain wildlife. Visit the fjords and estuaries for porpoises and harbour seals; the temperate Great Bear Rainforest for grizzlies, bald eagles and deer; and the more arid Chilcotin Plateau for moose, grizzlies and caribou.

What Birds Can We See?

An ornithologist’s heaven, the Bella Coola region is prized for its flutter of birdlife. Scan the treetops, waterfront and lodge lawn for raptors, bald eagles, waterfowl, kingfishers, marbled murrelet, white tailed ptarmigan and many endemic species exclusive to the region.

How Can I View the Wildlife of the Great Bear Rainforest?

Take a guided tour through the Great Bear Rainforest to maximize your chances of sighting wildlife. Our individual tours and all-inclusive packages allow you to wander the forests, mountains and rivers with expert precision and guidance.