We are lucky to live and work in a stunning and pristine environment, and have a wonderful community supporting us. We recognize the importance of preserving wildlife and the  environment, so that future generations can experience the same wonders that we experience here today. We are committed to not just following environmental trends, but to be pioneers in creating a more sustainable and balanced business model, where we can minimize our footprint as well as giving back to the environment and community. We ask all our guests to participate in ensuring that Bella Coola continues to be the most extraordinary place in the world to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship 

  • We have been designated a Climate Positive company by Offsetters! Our sister company, Bella Coola Heli Sports, is the first heli-skiing company to become climate positive. To achieve this, we purchase carbon offsets equal to 110% of companywide emissions. We have chosen to purchase offsets to support a local project that is very important to us, The Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project. Funds from the project go directly to Local First Nations Communities. Click here to go to our sister company's website for more information about our Climate Positive initiative.
  • We are a proud supporter of the Brown Bear Research Network, which facilitates innovative and progressive research on Grizzly Bears in the Bella Coola Valley and Great Bear Rainforest. For each guest that stays with us during bear viewing season (September to mid-October), we make a donation to this great cause.
  • Every year we donate multi-day packages to the Pacific Salmon Foundation. The PSF funds "critical Pacific salmon conservation and restoration projects across BC".
  • We work closely with the Ministry of Environment & BC Parks to monitor wildlife in our area
  • We also work with Parks on a fire protection program and improvements & services for park visitors
  • For every day a guest skis with us, we donate to the HeliCat Canada Wildlife & Environmental Research Fund. It is an initiative focused on supporting research and management projects that enables the Canadian heli-skiing industry to continually improve operating practices in the following areas:

Our Commitment to Creating a Sustainable Lodging Experience

  • We have installed an Electric Car Charging Station (NEMA 14-50)
  • We recycle all glass, bottles, cans and packaging. Dollars collected are donated to local school sports programs
  • We compost leftover food and landscape waste
  • All the water on our property comes from a mountain well. It is not treated and it is clean and pure
  • We do not buy bottled water, but instead supply all guests with reusable water bottles
  • Our laundry soap and cleaning supplies are all "environment friendly" and we ask all guests and staff to minimize the need to do laundry
  • We use high efficiency appliances and have just completed an upgrade on the refrigeration system at the lodge
  • Whenever possible we buy local & organic products, and under no circumstances do we serve farmed seafood
  • We do not use pesticides anywhere on our property (the whole valley has seen basically no use of pesticides)
  • We build bat houses to help our bug eating friends
  • We use only non-motorized boats on our rivers
  • We are strong supporters of catch & release fishing

Our Commitment to the Local Community

  • We built and paid for a Via Ferrata, including a Trail and Viewing Deck, which is now a community asset owned by BC Parks
  • We run annual Via Ferrata Tours for the local schools’ outdoor club and First Nations community
  • We regularly donate climbing hardware to the local community to help upgrade public climbing sites
  • We take leadership with fixing forestry roads, allowing for better public access to the backcountry
  • We facilitate keeping the Atnarko River clear of logs and debris, to ensure it remains accessible for drift boats
  • We donated to upgrade the community Wi-Fi system in and around Tatla Lake
  • We provide Pacific Coastal Airlines, West Coast Helicopters and BC Highways access to our mountain webcams for weather checks, which increases public safety and improves the reliability of flights into Bella Coola
  • We offer remote search and rescue support
  • We sponsor a number of local events such as; the Bella Coola Rodeo, the Bella Coola Music Festival, Tour de Bella Coola, local Basketball etc, and are actively looking for additional initiatives to sponsor
  • We support a Nuxalk First Nation career day initiative
  • We sit on various committees to promote Bella Coola's communal interests e.g. The BC Ferry Working group, who successfully lobbied for the ferry service to Bella Coola to be reinstated
  • We market the tourism potential of Bella Coola internationally to the benefit of all tourism operators in Bella Coola
  • We support avalanche research 
  • We contribute funds back into the local community by working with a substantial number of local suppliers and business
  • We employ a number of local staff year-round
  • We participate in the NAALS (National Assessment of Adult Literacy) program annually

Sponsorships and Donations to the Local Community

  • Bella Coola Valley Ridge Riders - Annual Donation, and our staff volunteer
  • Bella Coola Valley Ridge Riders – In 2019 we donated empty seats on our charter for them to sell for fundraising
  • BC Music Fest Fundraiser Dance – We donate clothing for silent auction annually
  • BC Music Fest- We annually donate a van to shuttle musicians during the 3-day event
  • Tour de Bella Coola- In 2019 we sponsored the entire event- ($2000 value), and we make annual donations
  • Rod and Gun Club – We annually donate clothing for auction
  • SAMS Outdoor Ed Class – In 2019 we donated $1000 donation towards a climbing wall
  • SAMS Outdoor Ed Class - For the 2019/2020 winter season we loaned skis and snowboards
  • Tweedsmuir Ski Club - $2000 donation towards warming hut
  • Acwsalcta School – We continuously donate empty bottles
  • SAMS Sports teams - We continuously donate empty bottles
  • Acwsalcta School Sports Team – In 2019, we donated our industrial mixer for them to use to make Pizza dough for a fundraiser
  • Pacific Coastal – We lend our vans to Pacific Coastal to use when their bus is out of service or cannot take all passengers at once to Anahim Lake.
  • Donation for Nuxalk Youth Basketball Jerseys – In 2019 we donated $750
  • Donations for Nuxalk Fireworks Halloween Display - In 2019 we donated $500
  • SAMS high school basketball team - In 2018 we donated $5000 for a shooting machine

We are proud members of the following organizations