Highlights of the Bella Coola Valley

Learn about the area's original inhabitants from local First Nations guides

Highlights of the Bella Coola Valley

Marvel at the stone carvings, located in a secret location

Highlights of the Bella Coola Valley

The tour includes a stop at the Bella Coola Harbour and a waterfall

Highlights of the Bella Coola Valley

Walk through the Great Bear Rainforest, surrounded by giant cedar trees and cottonwoods



Time of year

Late June to Late October


5-6 hours

Minimum Age


Minimum Fitness Level

Activity Overview

The Bella Coola Valley is located at the heart of an extraordinary area where the world’s most extensive interconnected fjord system, the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest, and a very dramatic mountain landscape of glaciers, plunging creeks, pristine rivers, and granite cliffs converge. Much of the area is now protected as part of either the Great Bear Rainforest or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. 

Our guides will explain the forces of nature, heavily influenced by glaciation, that gave rise to the landscape and continue to shape it’s evolution. They will also provide an overview and point out examples of human history in the valley. From totem poles and culturally modified cedar trees to the logging and commercial fishing that underpinned the valley’s recent economy, humankind has left its mark on the landscape. Guides will also touch on the Salmon lifecycle, Nuxalk First Nations history, and the spectacular environment from the glaciated peaks down to valley bottoms.

It is not possible to see all the valley has to offer in one day so please advise your guide of your preferences and interests, whether it be the interface of the valley with the fjords or more on the inland aspects of the valley, and they will create the perfect outing. 

Note: Guests booked on this activity are encouraged to speak with our reservations team at the time of booking to add on a visit to the Tallheo Cannery, a 15 Minute Heli-Sightseeing Tour, or a 30 Minute Heli-Sightseeing Tour to complete their itinerary for the day.

Quick Facts

  • Who Should Book?
    • This well-rounded multi-stop tour of the Bella Coola Valley is designed to provide guests with a comprehensive overview of the area they are visiting
    • Content will focus on the history and geography of the surrounding area; however, the information delivered can also be tailored to the specific interests of the group and will vary based on the passions, education, skills, and experience of the guide
  • Safety and Mobility Considerations
    • This activity is accessible to all guests able to walk short distances
  • Minimum Age
    • 2+ in a Private Group or 12+ in a Small Group

What to Bring

  • Comfortable closed-toe trail or hiking shoes
  • Comfortable layered clothing that is appropriate for variable weather conditions, wind protection, and possible rain
  • A small backpack for snacks, fluids, and other important personal items
  • A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray are highly recommended
  • A camera to capture the experience

Sample Itinerary

  • Start - This activity begins at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
    • Before leaving the lodge guests review maps of the Bella Coola Valley and are presented with an overview of the history and geography of the region
    • Guests board one of our shuttles and drive towards Bella Coola making stops at the following points of interest along the way: 
      • The Norwegian Heritage House
      • The Bella Coola Townsite + Totem Poles + The Bella Coola River
      • The Estuary and Clayton Falls - lunch stop
      • The Giant Cedars Trail
      • Live Salmon Spawning Field Trip (subject to availability and the time of year) 
  • Optional add-on opportunity (subject to availability): 
    1. Glacial Fjords & Hot Springs Tour - $275 per person
    2. 15 Minute Heli-Sightseeing Tour - $1459 per group of up to 5 guests
    3. 30 Minute Heli-Sightseeing Tour - $2145 per group of up to 5 guests
  • End - This tour ends at the last point of interest where guests reboard the shuttle and transfer approx. 1 hour back to Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
    • Upon arrival back at the lodge, guests enjoy a delicious apres on the deck if they have purchased one of our all-inclusive packages

Note: Capacity is limited in each of our activities and we prioritize space for guests staying at the lodge. That being said, we occasionally have space for guests not staying at the lodge. If you will not be staying with us and would like to book this activity, please contact us by phone at 604-905-4994 or by email at [email protected].