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Scenic River Drifts

Drift down the meandering Atnarko River between lush green forests and snow capped peaks.

Relax and enjoy the scenery, but keep your eyes open for bald eagles, river otters, and bears, as well as five species of salmon, which call these waters home. This is the best activity for serious photographers.

Grizzly Bear Viewing

Observe Grizzly Bears in their natural environment, foraging for food, and looking after their young.

This Canadian Signature Experience utilizes silent non-motorized drift boats and rafts. These are the perfect platform for capturing exceptional wildlife photographs.

Assisted Climbing Adventures

Climb above the Great Bear Rainforest for stunning views of the Bella Coola Valley.

Via Ferrata, from the Italian meaning ‘iron way’, is a network of 360 metal rungs, ladders, and wires that enable most people, from kids to seniors, to safely climb cliffs without needing rock-climbing skills.

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The Bella Coola Valley is located at the heart of an extraordinary area where the world’s most extensive interconnected fjord system, the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest, and a very dramatic mountain landscape of glaciers, plunging creeks, pristine rivers, and granite cliffs converge.

Heli-Sightseeing Tours

Revel in adrenaline-inducing heights and postcard-worthy views on a Heli-Sightseeing Tour.

There is simply nothing quite like seeing the world from the perspective of an eagle in order to gain perspective and context of the environment we live in. Experience incredible views of mountains, forested slopes, and free flowing creeks cascading down into the river valley.

Heli-Hiking Adventures

Overlooking the fjords of the Bella Coola Valley and the glacier capped Coast Range Mountains, Heli-Hiking Adventure offers epic panoramic views otherwise inaccessible without the assistance of a helicopter.

In the company of a highly experienced guide, we will whisk you deep into the Coast Range on a trip customized to your levels of fitness and interest.

Guided Interpretive Nature Walks

Venture into the great bear rainforest with a local guide who will share information about the various temperate climate zones and their ecology.

From the alpine to the ocean, and from old growth forests to volcanoes, these eco-escapes are ideal for all ages and abilities.

Guided Bella Coola Valley Hikes

Discover extraordinary hikes with the support of a local guide. These hikes are a step above your ordinary walk in the park. The scenery is jaw dropping and the forests and rivers remain pristine.

Options include an easy stroll along the Tote Road for a glimpse into Bella Coola’s pioneering past; a moderate loop trail that follows in the footsteps of Sir Alexander Mackenzie on his epic crossing of Canada in 1793; or a vigorous and exercising climb up to elevation points to enjoy views of the valley, waterfalls and mountain views.

Guided Hikes in the Rainbow Range

The Rainbow Range hike is a 14 km round trip hike offering panoramic views of an eight-million-year-old peralkaline shield volcano.

The hiking trail begins by meandering through a burnt forest, then enters subalpine forests, winds past a couple of alpine lakes, before topping out above tree line with views into the volcanic and multicolored peaks of the Rainbow Range.

River Fishing

The Bella Coola Valley is a remarkable location for beginner/intermediate recreational fishermen.

Drift down the Atnarko River in a McKenzie Drift Boat and our expert fishing guides will show you the best fishing holes along the way. The valley is home to 5 species of Pacific Salmon!

Complimentary Activities

We offer a plethora of complimentary activities indoor and outdoor activities.

With something for everyone Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is the perfect getaway for couples and multi-generational families.