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  1. We try to keep the list updated as best as possible, but things can change quickly, therefore we do not guarantee the seats are available even if its listed as available (though there's a good chance it is..we update it very frequently). Give us a call or send an email...we will get back to you ASAP.
  2. New this summer: A new 2 night Bella Coola Explorer package to meet the demands of Self-Drivers! This was designed to help you build a self-drive itinerary along the Discovery Coast Circle Tour route. You can find information about the ferry between Pt Hardy and Bella Coola here.

Photos, Rates and More

Looking for our rate sheets? High resolution photos or video for your website or to send to clients? Find them all in our DropBox link here. Note: photos may only be used to promote Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and need to include photographer and location credit (e.g. "Eric Berger / Tweedsmuir Park Lodge").

Familiarization Tours

Do you have sales team members who sell Canada and would like to come experience Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and the Great Bear Rainforest on a Fam tour? We'd be keen to host anyone who has the potential to sell us! June to mid August is the best time to visit as we most likely will not have any availability in grizzly bear season. Contact Tim for details.


Bella Coola Explorer - 2019

June 20 - August 19, 2019

Package info here
Detailed sample itineraries here.

  • Wide open EXCEPT;
    • Aug 26-Sept 1

Grizzly Bear Safari - 2019

Package info here.
Detailed sample itineraries here

September 1 - October 16, 2019

Remaining availability:

  • Sep 4-6 for 2 nights* <-- only 1 chalet left
  • Sep 12-15 for 3 nights <-- only 1 chalet left
  • Sep 24-27 for 3 nights <-- only 2 chalets left
  • Various dates Sep 28-Oct 16

*we do not sell 2 night packages, but we have a gap between bookings. Rack $2300 for the Small Group option and rack $2850 for the Private