Time of year

All season


2-3 hours

Minimum Age


Minimum Fitness Level

Go farther and faster on E-Bikes

Electric bikes are proving hugely popular as young and older people alike adopt alternate forms of low-pollution transportation and the lifestyle that comes with it. Our new Giant Mountain E-Bikes are specially fitted with wide tires and front suspension making them the perfect tool to explore the Bella Coola Valley without breaking a sweat!


Viewing Platform and Boat Launch
This is our shortest and most basic ride, perfect for beginners and those who don't want an overly long tour. There's lots of great wildlife viewing along the way, and especially at our private viewing platform.

Fishery Pool
Another relaxing beginner ride, this tour follows the river, a source of life for the valley and a hot spot for wildlife! This tour is a great way to learn how to ride e-bikes and to get a feeling for the different speed settings. 

McCall Flats
9km from the lodge are many old logging roads perfect for finding our just what these e-bikes can do! For those with intermediate experience or just a love of biking you will have a blast ripping through these muddy pathways. 

Tote Road
The Tote road is currently our longest and most challenging ride suggested only to expert riders, or those who have already completed other tours and have gotten comfortable with the bikes. The off-road ride is 16km from the lodge but features some amazing scenery including a winding river, old homesteads and great chances for wildlife viewing! So much so we are unable to offer this ride during bear season theres just too many bears!

Via Ferrata
Another long but easy ride along the road can take you to our via ferrata site, extending that trip. This ride is suitable for beginners but other transportation is available for those guests who do not wish to ride. See the Via Ferrata Page for more information. 

There are many more e-bike tours coming soon! From a trip to a waterfall and many other sites along Highway 20, check in with your guides when you get to Tweedsmuir Park Lodge for a full list of tours. 

What tour is right for me?

Ability levels:

  • Beginner: Beginners are those who have experience riding a bike but may not bike on roads or on trails monthly or even yearly. After a brief safety and bike fitting our guides will love to take you on several trails around Tweedsmuir Park Lodge 
  • Intermediate: Those who are very experience with road biking or have trail-biked in the past would be intermediate e-bikers. Longer and more technically difficult trails are available for you
  • Expert: Experienced mountain bikers or E-bikers classify as experts and have the most trail options available to them

Safety Requirements

Anyone with decent mobility can participate and enjoy a ride on the e-bikes! However, there are some additional requirements because of the higher speed safety concerns. Riders must be 16 years or older if accompanied by a legal guardian or at least 18 years old if solo. In addition, you must sign a waiver. Helmets must be worn at all times and groups will always be accompanied by a guide with e-bike maintenance tools and first-aid equipment. 

What is an electric bike?

Our fleet of E-Bikes feature the latest battery and electric motor technology along with sturdy off-road bike design resulting in the power for anyone to conquer the trails. The powerful motor only activates while pedalling making you a superhuman and can be put to a variety of different settings depending on your experience and the trail difficulty level. Want to reach max speed down a straight section? Try Sport+ mode. Or are you looking for a good workout while still making it up those steep cliffs? Eco mode is perfect for you. Better yet, switch between modes during the tour no matter what happens! You’ll never be too tired to reach that incredible elevated mountain panorama again.