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Wildlife & Grizzly Bear Photography Workshops

  • Taking aim!
  • Grizzly bear and cubs by pro photographer Aaron Baggenstos
  • How adorable is this photo??? Bear cups holding hands. Photo: Oliver Klink
  • Great action shot by Oliver Klink.
  • A huge Grizzly Bear by Shoot the Light participant Richard Roth. Bella Coola
  • Participants can get eye-level with grizzly bears on our workshops
  • Jean-Pierre Grosemans' Wildlife Photo of the Year for Canadian Geographic 2011
  • Grizzly bear by photographer Jean-Pierre Grosemans


Capturing Grizzly Bears & Other Wildlife Through the Camera Lens


Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is excited to be hosting 3 Wildlife & Grizzly Bear Photography Workshops this year, among the staggering backdrop of glaciers, rugged peaks and lush old growth coastal forests that characterize British Columbia’s Bella Coola region. Every autumn, when salmon return from the ocean to spawn in their rivers of origin, the Bella Coola Valley becomes home to a staggering concentration of grizzly bears. Ursus arctos horribilis – the grizzly. It is the apex predator of the British Columbia coast and capturing this majestic animal in its natural setting through the lens of a camera can be one of life’s most thrilling experiences for both professional and novice photographers.

Wildlife photography requires intimate knowledge of animal behavior, technical understanding of light and composition and a willingness to place yourself in a natural setting and await the perfect combination of light, action and beauty. Our professional photographers will help you to learn many tricks of the trade that has resulted them in getting their images published in a multitude of magazines and newspapers.

Each workshop is limited to between 5 or 10 guests, giving participants ample opportunity for one-on-one interaction and instruction with the photographer and up close viewings of grizzlies as they roam the riverbanks, feasting on salmon in preparation for winter’s hibernation. Throughout each trip, nature hikes will be led by an expert guide who will teach guests how to identify bear signs such as claw marks on trees or paw prints in the soft earth. River floats will immerse guests in the bears’ preferred fall habitat where salmon are spawning. Participants also have a chance to visit the quaint seaside village of Bella Coola, the Nuxalk art gallery and other cultural attractions.


Grizzlies of the Great Bear Rainforest, Bella Coola, British Columbia

Dates:  6 nights, Sept 30 - October 6

Spaces left: 6 of 7

Photographer: Oliver Klink, Incredible Travel Photos

Oliver's photographs are like no other wildlife and nature photography you've seen, because they are not photography in the conventional sense. He focuses on capturing wildlife behavior and grand vistas to stir the emotions of the viewer in powerful ways.  One of his secrets for capturing intimate scenes is the use of shorter lenses and cameras traditionally employed for portrait and fashion photography. With his extensive knowledge of his subjects, he can capture their personality at close proximity and deliver images that make you feel you were there.  Oliver also focuses on presenting his work in unconventional ways. He has mastered framing techniques on glass that complements the sense of freedom of his photographs.

"Giving nature the ability to speak through my camera is what inspires me." - Oliver Klink

Accolades: Oliver's images have received many recognitions, with the most recent as publication in National Geographic (Best Wall Paper 2009), publication in Popular Photography Magazine (Best kept secret of wildlife photographers, March 2010), The 2009 Mike Ivanitsky Award for Excellence in Photography, NANPA 2009 Top 100 images showcase, PhotoCentral 2008 and 2009 Spring Show People's Choice Award. His work has been exhibited at various US and international galleries.

The Tour: Like the other Workshops, Oliver's tour is based on our Grizzly Bear Safari, but he adds his own twist to it. For more details, see Oliver's website.

Package inclusions: see "Inclusions" tab at the bottom of the page and for details specific to Oliver's tour, see the Bella Coola page on his website

Rate: $5900pp + tax

Deposit amount: $1000 

Balance due: May 31, 2014

How to Book: for any questions about the lodge and vacancy, call Tweedsmuir Park Lodge on 1-877-982-2407 or email. To book, or to ask specific tour questions visit the Incredible Travel Photos website and contact Oliver directly.


Wildlife and Nature Seminar

Dates: October 6 - 10, 2014

Group size: 6-10

Spaces left: 8 per tour (minimum of 6 to run each tour).

Photographer: Jean-Pierre Grosemans. Website: Grosemans & Grosemans

Jean-Pierre Grosemans, born in Brussels in 1948, is a celebrated Canadian Wildlife photographer and naturalist. His photographs reflect his profound reverence for the natural world. Jean-Pierre is prolific; his art is compelling and message timely.
Since his early days, Jean-Pierre has seized every opportunity to broaden his knowledge. His thirst for learning has led him to a wide variety of nature experiences and travel. His skill and contribution to his art have won him many accolades, most notably: Winner of the Canadian Geographic ''Best Wildlife Picture 2011''.


Accolades: Winner, Canadian Geographic Best Wildlife Picture (2011)

The Tour: Jean-Pierre is offering 2 tour dates, both for 4 nights. The first seminar in August has a general focus on all types of wildlife. The August trip is just before main Grizzly Bear high season. While there's a good chance of seeing bears, it is not guaranteed. The August date is perfect if you would like to photo a wide range of animals. If your main goal is to photograph Grizzly Bears, you should consider the October dates. Participants will be interested to know that Jean-Pierre is currently negotiating with Nikon Professional Canada to have professional grade lenses for the duration of the seminar. These lenses are: 1 Nikkor 500m, 1 Nikkor 600mm and the latest, most advanced lens on the market today, the Nikkor 800mm!

Package inclusions: see "Inclusions" tab at the bottom of the page

Rate: $4098pp + tax

Deposit amount: $1818 

Balance due: June 23, 2014

How to Book: for any questions about the lodge and availability, call Tweedsmuir Park Lodge on 1-877-982-2407 or email. To book, or to ask specific tour questions contact Jean-Pierre directly.


Grizzlies of the Great Bear Rainforest, Bella Coola, British Columbia

Dates:  4 nights, Sept 10-14 (arrive in Vancouver Sept 9 for a total of 5 nights) 

Group size: 5

Spaces leftSOLD OUT - Yes, Aaron is taking reservations for 2015! It's a VERY good idea to book in advance.

Photographer: Aaron Baggenstos, Aaron's Photo Tours

Aaron Baggenstos is an Award-winning professional nature and wildlife photographer from Seattle, Washington. Aaron has captured images across the Pacific Northwest, the US, Canada, Europe, South America, and Africa. His photographs have been featured on television newscasts, in magazines (eg Audubon Magazine), newspapers, and numerous web articles. He has also written and had published two books about wildlife, Wildlife of Juanita Bay and Wildlife of Lake Washington. In the Fall of 2011 Aaron co-hosted two episodes of the popular PBS television Series “Wild Photo Adventures” with Doug Gardner which is currently airing nationally on PBS.

 Accolades: Rave reviews; TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence!

The Tour: All of Aaron's tours place an emphasis on small groups. For details, check out his website.

Package inclusions: see "Inclusions" tab at the bottom of the page and for details specific to Aaron's tour, see the Bella Coola page on his website

Rate: Sold out

Deposit amount: Sold out

Balance due: Sold out

How to Book: Sold out. For detailed information on this tour, see Aaron's website here. If you are interested in joining Aaron on a trip to Bella Coola, why not ensure you secure a spot on next year's trip! Drop him a direct line: Aaron's Photo Tours  

Aaron's review of the Nikon D4s



During the autumn of 2013, the camera gear company F-Stop made a short video on photographer Charles Glatzer for their video series: Life In Focus. Charles isn't running a photography tour to us this summer, however this is a fantastic video which was shot on location in and around our lodge so we thought it was useful in letting potenital guests see what the Bella Coola Valley looks like.





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Rates & Dates

Wildlife and Nature Seminar with Jean-Pierre Grosemans

August 18 - 22, 2014 or October 6 - 10, 2014

Grizzlies of the Great Bear Rainforest, Bella Coola, British Columbia with Aaron Baggenstos

September 9 – September 14, 2014

Canada - Grizzly Bears with Oliver Klink

September 30 - October 6, 2014


The following are the package inclusions in regards to the moment you land in Bella Coola. Please refer to each photographers website/email corrospondence to see what the complete tour includes (eg hotel stays in Vancouver).

- All ground transportation, including Bella Coola Airport pick-up and drop-off!
- Accommodation in beautiful, private timberframe chalets at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge (based on double occupancy)
- All meals: Hot & Continental Breakfast, Lunch in the Lodge or a Packed Lunch to take out in the field, 3 Course Dinner, plus Afternoon Snacks and unlimited soda, coffee and tea!
- A variety of Guided Tours on each day of your package, lead by local guides with years of experience. Tour formats can include Scenic River Drifts and Guided Nature Hikes. Note: itineraries and the format of each trip may change due to number of bookings, weather, bear activity etc
- All tours are private
- In addition to the workshop leader, each tour the group will be accompanied by an experienced guide, certified by the Commercial Bear Viewing Association
- Entrance fees to parks
- On-site wildlife viewing stand
- Use of all sporting equipment, including mountain bikes that you may use to do some exploring on your own!

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