Bella Coola Valley's Nuxalk people
10,000 Years of Cultural History


Cougar in Bella Coola, BC

View Wildlife in their own Habitat

The Bella Coola Valley offers unique opportunities to view wildlife in their own habitat. Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is situated for prime wildlife viewing. Often, we have resident grizzly bears lazing on our lawn and with the river right at our door step, there are lots of opportunities to see salmon, eagles and bears all in one spot.

The meadows, forests and Coast Mountain range are home to grizzly and black bear, blacktail deer, wolves, beaver, cougar and mountain goats. The saltwater estuary is alive with the sounds and sights of bird life and waterfowl.

Our Grizzly Bear Tours attract visitors from all over the world wanting an authentic wildlife viewing experience. We are very respectful of the wildlife that we share the valley with and we make sure to view in the most non-invasive ways possible. River drifts in non-motorized boats, nature walks and hikes are ideal ways to view wildlife.

All of our adventure packages include wildlife viewing opportunities. We recommend that you sign up for an adventure package or go with a guide to get the most out of your wildlife viewing experience at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge.