Grizzly Bear viewing on the Atnarko river
Small Group Wildlife Viewing

Summer is Right Around the Corner

Wildlife at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
River Drifts
Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Although we are still enjoying winter at the lodge with over 5.5 metres of snow at the tree line and tons of amazing heli skiing, we are already thinking about all there is to do this summer! For adventure seekers looking to combine skiing with fishing, we have our Rod and Ski Club from June to mid July. Ski perfect velvety smooth spring corn-snow in the morning and fish for 15kg (50lbs) plus spring salmon in the afternoon.

Some of our peak summer weeks are selling out fast! We also have limited space on some of our world-class activities. Access to the exclusive river drifts is limited by the number of permits issued each summer along with the number of qualified guides. The river is a major source of food for the grizzly bears in the region making the drifts incredibly exclusive and unique. 

Book early to ensure that you have access to our amazing activities this summer!

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