Bella Coola Grizzlie Bears at the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Experience Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

What a Wonderful World

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

 After a record long winter season with our last heli ski guests departing in May, spring finally arrived! 

The hummingbirds are back and the green lawn is full of robins pulling worms from the ground.  Besides the hummingbirds and robins, there are a huge variety of migrating birds making their way up to the northern breeding grounds.  We even have our resident Canadian Geese, Sid and Nancy, visiting for a few weeks.

Speaking of resident wildlife.  “Patchy”, the Black Bear is back.  He loves the green lush grass at the lodge after a long winter in hibernation.  He is now a full-grown black bear, weighing in around 600 lbs.

“Bob”, the Baldheaded Eagle has also been around for many years.  Bob has a nest just across the river in front of the lodge.  We see him daily, inspecting the river for his next meal and keeping an eye on the property.

Spring is an amazing time of the year.  The Cottonwood trees are green and lush, the mountains are still snow-capped and everything is quiet.  Just the sound of the wind, the river and the birds.  Oh what a wonderful world it is!

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