Grizzly bear cubs in Bella Coola at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Photo: Mike Wigle.
Engaging Locals

Secret fishing spots supreme

Heli fishing in Tweedsmuir Park
Heli fishing in Bella Coola
Heli fishing catch in Bella Coola
Trout caught in Bella Coola

Beautiful weather + 6 avid fishermen + 1 helicopter = one out of this world, once in a life time fishing story!!

Hmmm.....what to do today....well, These boys do not want to sit around when the sun is shining and there are trout swimming around in alpine lakes!

Peter Barret lands his heli expertly on the lawn right after breakfast and there is no waiting around. With fishing gear and cameras in hand, this group of 5 take off down the stairs and are loaded up in no time at all. A quick 360 turn and the heli is gone as quickly as it arrived, leaving the rest of us at the lodge wondering if we had imagined the whole scene.

Most of us can't imagine what it is like to fly over snow-capped granite peaks looking for that perfect fishing spot. But I'm sure those of us who do wonder what's up in those mountains, daydream of crystal clear water and a new bug hatch to bring those fish we just know are under there, up to the surface to mistake our fly for a tasty bug.

Well, dreams do come true. Up in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia lie hundreds of lakes which are so hard to get to and so unknown that many go for years and years without being fished at all. Cut Throat, Rainbow and Bull Trout make these lakes home, and on this day, a few of these lakes did have some visitors.

While up in the alpine, no other people were spotted anywhere, only a surprised Bull Moose who ran off quickly into the woods. The exact names of these lakes are not known, but these little gems nestled away in the mountains provided a nice catch of Cut Throat Trout.

When the group arrived that evening, they had smiles beaming from ear to ear. The peacefulness of the lodge was disrupted with excited chatter and tales of the day's adventures. While those who had stayed behind gathered around, the day's catch was revealed, and as questions were asked and stories told, dinner in the dining room that night was one to remember.

The next morning, our master chef, Carol was up at the crack of dawn. She knew that a breakfast of freshly caught trout would send everyone off on that day's adventure smiling. And away smiling everyone did go, off on another adventure on a beautiful day in beautiful Bella Coola.

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