Bella Coola Valley's Nuxalk people
10,000 Years of Cultural History


Sushi Dinner! Photo: Mike Wigle. Bella Coola Grizzly Bears.
Grizzly Track on Sand Bar. Photo John Lehmann. Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Grizzly & Cubs, Bella Coola, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Photo Mike Wigle
Grizzlies Bears on the lawn, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Photo Michael Wigle


Prime Grizzly Bear Viewing Has Become Available!!


We've just had some prime time Grizzly Bear Safaris dates become available in early September.

This is the most in-demand time for our Grizzly Bear Watching (by the way, October is just as good a time to see the bears. See why here: October Grizzly Bear Viewing)!

We had blocked some space for a group that has just cancelled, so we now have the following availability;

  • Sept 1 to 8 (trips can start any date & preferably for 5 nights). 4 Chalets available.
  • Sept 25 to 29. Just the Grizzly Chalet available (King sized bed!)
  • October is an awesome time at Tweedsmuir to view grizzlies. We're booked early October, but have availability from about October 9 onwards (we close October 31)

To book for the above dates, guests need to book our all-inclusive Grizzly Bear Viewing Safari or other multi-day packages listed here.

Contact us for more details!


Bear Viewing & Grizzly Bear Tours - Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Summer 2010 from Tweedsmuir Park Lodge on Vimeo.