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Grizzly Bear Safari now a CTC 'Signature Experience'

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge + grizzly bear close-up
Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Great news! We have just been selected by the Canadian Tourism Commission to be part of their Signature Experiences Collection. This program is in place to attract international travelers to authentic, high quality Canadian destinations. We knew we were pretty special but now the rest of the world gets to hear about it!!!

A few months ago, we came across the Canadian Tourism Commission website while doing marketing research. On the site was an invitation to apply for the collection of adventures that will be presented to an international group of potential travellers. We did our best to navigate the application process and sent off our documents. Last week, we received an email announcing that we had been selected! Wow!

Part of our assets were our website and social media efforts for which we can thank Ventureweb , our sustained marketing strategy assisted by  Christy Allan from Expand Group and also  participation to Rendez-vous Canada and Pure Life travel shows. Now we can't wait to host new guests from all over the world.

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