Grizzly bear cubs in Bella Coola at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Photo: Mike Wigle.
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Not your ordinary vacation destination

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

When most people go on vacation they plan on lounging and relaxing, maybe having a cocktail on the beach somewhere.

When people stop at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge for a vacation, they will get a cocktail if they wish, but they will also get a whole lot more than just sitting and relaxing.

Imagine starting off your day with an "early bird catches the worm" fishing trip to the Atnarko River.When the sun starts peaking over the mountain tops you know it's time to reel in the line and head back to the lodge for one of Carol's world famous breakfasts. After breakfast is over, it's time to meet your guide and head out for the days activities.

Ok, your going with Paul, our seasoned mountain guide, to catch some late summer runs on perfect corn snow, that's right your helicopter will be landing on the front lawn in a few minutes.

And when you get back to the lodge this afternoon your fishing guide will be waiting to take you back out on the river and try your hand at catching another salmon.

Alright guys, you're heading out on the river today with one of our talented and knowledgeable river guides, you may get treated to a once in a lifetime safari experience, bear viewing at it's finest on the Atnarko river.

If you're wondering about seeing more of the valley on foot, then maybe a day hiking with one of our trail guides would interest you, either on the valley floor or up in the alpine on a mountain top.

With all this talk about the mountains and rivers, one can't forget about the fjord, one aspect of the valley that makes it such a special place. A day out on the ocean with a local boat captain will have you telling tall tales for weeks. A dip in the hot springs will make the day complete.

For a cultural experience why not take a trek up to the ancient petroglyphs, with a native guide to tell you the history of the place and maybe even treat you to some drumming and traditional songs.

So, one can see that if relaxing is the only thing on your mind, then the deck with stunning mountain views makes a great destination, but don't be surprised if you get swept away on an adventure of a lifetime.


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