Fly fish on the Atnarko river in Bella Coola
Reconnect and Unwind

How to follow-up a great day of fishing.

Hike atop of Goat Mountain, Bella Coola
Swimming pool atop of Goat Mountain, Bella Coola
Spectacular view atop of Goat Mountain
North Bentinck Arm and the town of Bella Coola.

Well guys, heli fishing was fun yesterday, what should we do today?

Hmm, I heard that there is a nice pool for swimming on top of Goat Mountain.

When it's hot out and you just want to take it a little easy after a full day of heli fishing, the only option one really has is to hop back into the heli and fly up to the top of a mountain. Goat Mountain sounded very appealing to this group, who after a breakfast of freshly caught trout from the day before, decide to embark on yet another journey.

After another quick departure from the lodge, the 6 boys land on top of Goat Mountain (the goats who call the mountain home have seen their fair share of helicopters lately!) After a nice mellow hike along 4 Mile Ridge they find a nice cool alpine pool to take a swim in.

A nice lunch overlooking North Bentinck Arm and the town of Bella Coola was a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon.  No one was disappointed by the amazing views of the Coast Mountains and bright blue sky.

Although the boys did not bring home any fish, they were still all smiles when they walked through the front door of the lodge. And, once again, they were the story tellers of the evening.


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