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Heli Hiking up Goat Mtn with the famous guide Swede!

Guest prepare to go heli hiking
Richard the pilot fuels the helicopter
Guests watch the helicopter take off.
Heli hiking


Hello my name is Skye Phillips and I have been working for Tweedsmuir Park Lodge / Bella Coola Heli Sports for about 4 years and this passed week I had the lovely opportunity to go heli hiking with a very nice couple from Holland.

Our day started out with a very nice breakfast from our head chef miss Carol Clarke, then it was off to the airport where Richard our pilot gave us the full helicopter safety briefing! We hopped in and the excitement on Andreas and Catharina's face was beaming, they were smiles all around. Andreas is very interested in aviation so he was like a kid in a candy shop, it was lovely to see. We took off up over Hagensborg and the views were incredible, you could see all the way to the inlet and where it weaved its way through the mountains. Richard dropped us off on the top of Goat Mtn and the conditions couldn't have been better.

There was a light breeze that kept the bugs at bay and made the clear sky with the hot sun the perfect temperature! We set off down the ridge and our heads were turning every which way looking at all the mountains surrounding us, the 360 degree view was breathtaking! While hiking we saw a mother ptarmigan and her young as well as many signs of goats, there were lots of hoof prints but Swede our guide said they were at least a few weeks old! Catharina was very excited when she found some goat hair next to the place where the goats had been bedding down! It was really neat, you could see all the marks in the dirt where they had been resting out of the sun to cool down.

The Hike was beautiful and we saw some lovely wild flowers and we even had a snow ball fight!  We stopped for a snack and Catharina said that she could just stay up there all day long! We made it to our pick up spot and Richard flew in we great ease and picked us up, then he took us on a lovely little sight seeing trip over to Mount Saugstad at 2908m where we saw some stunning glaciers and a beautiful blue lake right in the Mountains. Richard touched us down in the helicopter for a tremendous view from the top! 

With the perfect end to a lovely adventure we flew back to the hanger in Hagensborg and to Andreas disappointment we hopped out of the Helicopter. It was all smiles at the bottom as we said good bye to Richard and headed back up the road to Tweedsmuir Park Lodge... It was definitely an experience of a life time!

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