Corn skiing in Bella Coola
Summer Skiing Adventures

Heli Hiking adventure on 4 Mile Ridge

Heli hiking in Bella Coola
View of South Bentinck Arm
Heli hiking 4 Mile Ridge on Goat Mountain
Mount Saugstead from the helicopter

Well, it was a day we all wished we could have been there for!!

Doug Baker, our local trail gude, known as Doug on the trail was Doug on the mountain today!

This past week a fantastic couple from Toronto decided to beat the heat back east and come explore the lush Bella Coola Valley.

Jo Ann and Abdul started their trip off right with a short afternoon drift down the Atnarko River with Kenny, our seasoned River guide.

The next morning the couple awoke to another sunny summer day in the valley and together with Doug and our up and coming trail guide, Garret, they embarked on an adventure of a life time.

Here is the story straight from Doug!

"We heli hiked above the lush Bella Coola Valley on 4 Mile Ridge, with breathtaking veiws of the Coast Mountains, Glaciers and the South Bentinck Arm.

We walked across cool snow patches, between clean granite outcrops, revelling in the vistas and even saw Bear and Goat signs. We were cool and the valley was hot"

The trip down to the hanger was just as exciting with a pass over at  the top of Mount Saugstead and a (controlled) nose dive over the edge.

A delicious and refreshing lunch was prepared by Carol and was enjoyed at Clayton Falls back on the Valley floor.



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