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Four young grizzlies get a second chance.

Preparing the Bears To be Lifted
Lifting the Bears back to their habitat
Carrying Sleeping Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear ready to be lifted

Last weekend four orphaned grizzlies were released from the wildlife rehabilitation center to return to their natural habitat in the Tweedsmuir Park. This a pilot project initiated by the Northern Lights Wildlife Society in conjuntion with the BC government and the International fund for Wildlife Welfare. It is only the third time young grizzlies have been released in the wild after losing their mother in BC. The usual approach is to keep the bears in captivity or to destroy them. We hope the young bears will be able to survive on their own. There are very interesting articles about the rescue project and pictures on both organizations's websites and in the Vancouver Sun. Follow these links for more in depth coverage of the young bear's tribulations.

These bears got the royal treatment; each going by private bear trap  "limo" by road to the Hagensborg airport in the Bella Coola Valley, then gently deposited in bear hammocks and airlifted by our corporate partners West Coast Heli to a remote part of the Tweedsmuir Park in order to prevent human interaction. Robin,dispatch at WCH, assured me that the little ones had a safe trip and are now free to live as they were meant to. Our guests from the UK participating in our Rod and Ski club adventure got the chance to meet the bears up close and be part of the action. They will never forget this day spent in Bella Coola.

From all the staff of the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge we wish Lori, Dean, Drew and Jason good roaming, grazing and fishing in the months to come. May you become fat and strong grizzlies!

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