Fly fish on the Atnarko river in Bella Coola
Reconnect and Unwind

After the flood

After 2 weeks of chaos and uncertainty, the lodge is slowly reaching a state of normalcy. The lodge is now closed for the shoulder season, in preparation for our heli skiing guests due in late December.

Thankfully, we only suffered a bit of water damage in the cabin closest to the river. Swede and Garrett are busy doing clean up and repairs. We have no reliable phone lines, though Telus is scheduled to arrive in the valley today to start repairs.

Today at 4pm, a convoy of cars following a pilot vehicle will drive east on highway 20. For folks driving west, the convoy will start at 4:30 at the Hill. The roads are finally accessible between the lodge and the town of Bella Coola. The flood has definitely brought the community together and the district is also pitching in to help those most in need. The Red Cross is accepting donations and supplies have been distributed since the first week of October.

The floor, however destructive, was an interesting phenomena to observe and attracted many more bears on our lawn. It also showed us that our geographical position allows us a certain reprieve, as only a bit of the grounds were under water.

It is a good thing these events only come once in a 100 year

Nature is a trickster, as many native legends often remind us...

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