Bella Coola Grizzlie Bears at the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Experience Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Adventurous family calls TPL home for a few nights.

A very adventurous family of 5 from the Netherlands needed a break from camping so they decided to enjoy some luxury at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge.They are half way through a 1 year road trip!

The family has been relaxing and getting re-fueled with some of Carol's gourmet cooking, and are enjoying a day fishing on the river today. 

Tomorrow's adventure! We have charted a boat to take them to Eucott Hotsprings, Hole in the Wall and the MacKenzie Rock.

They will be spending the night in Shearwater and exploring Denny Island and Bella Bella before returning to Bella Coola. Bon Voyage!!

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