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Helicopter Sightseeing

Eagles Eye View of the Stunning Bella Coola Valley

While staying with us at the lodge we highly recommend a sight seeing flight by helicopter or by fixed wing plane! The Bella Coola Valley and environs are beautiful and flying is a great way to see the mountains, glaciers, remote forests, granite cliffs, canyons, and fjords.

Sight Seeing by Fixed Wing Wheel Plane 

This one-hour tour departs the Bella Coola Valley via the Nusatsum River to Mount Purgatory, across the Ape Icefield to Ape Lake, and on to the Turner Lake chain to circle Hunlen Falls for photographs. Ten proceed over the steep switchbacks of the famous "Bella Coola Hill" on Highway 20 and on through the Rainbow Mountains (see our blog about hiking the Rainbow Range) to Thunder Mountain, re-entering the Bella Coola Valley over the Salloompt River.

The trip is by a Cessna 172 wheel plane. It comes equipped with passenger head sets and a voice-activated intercom for easy communication between pilot and passengers throughout the trip.

The group rate is $450.00 + tax (up to 3 passengers).

Note: shuttle service to and from the airport and lunch are not included, however, we are more than happy to organise this for you. 

Sight Seeing by Helicopter 

Helicopters are the most capable sightseeing platforms available and, in addition, can land almost anywhere. Have our pilots fly you to the tops of the highest peaks, to a remote beach, to a lakeside picnic, or to a base camp for an overnight stay in the alpine.

The helicopter can fly with a maximum of six guests. A guide is not needed or included.

A shorter introductory tour that is well worth the price is a fly by of Mt. Saugstad (2908 m, 9451ft) the highest peak visible from the Bella Coola Valley. The flight starts with an overview of the valley extending from the fjords in the west to the Chilcotin Plateau in the east, before going onto the knife-edged ridges, hanging glaciers, and steep granite rock faces of Mt. Saugstad itself. The flight is approximately 20 minutes.

A longer sight seeing tour would include views of the colourful Rainbow Range (see our blog about hiking the Rainbow Range), a flight past spectacular Hunlen Falls (at 260 metres the third highest waterfall in Canada), the scenic Turner Lake chain, a visit to the massive Monarch Ice Cap and a landing at Ape Lake. Here the toe of Jacobsen Glacier forms a 100 foot high wall of ice that calves into small lakes. Afterward, the helicopter proceeds back towards the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge to view the summit of Mt. Stupendous. The views are, well.....'stupendous' and if conditions are favourable a landing may be made at 9,000 feet.

Another deluxe option is to fly to the west to see the fjords. This tour can include stops at a Natural Hot spring on the beach, a stop at Larso Bay for a visit to a 1,000 year old giant Cedar Tree, as well as flybys past the peaks and glaciers of the Coast Range. This tour offers exceptional views of an unspoiled and varied area.

Note: Guests can choose to be flown to and from the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, or from the airport. Keep in mind that the flight from the airport will be included in the flight time and charged as part of the hourly rate even if you are not on board yet. The benefit of flying from the airport is the extra time in the air viewing the stunning scenery of the Bella Coola Valley.


Helicopter Sightseeing -Takes a maximum 6 people. Please contact us for details and rates.

Sightseeing tours can be customized to your tastes and budget. It can be a short flight for a quick overview or be several hours for an in depth look at all that the valley and its environs has to offer.

Shuttle service to the airport not included.

We strongly recommend pre-booking this tour prior to your arrival to ensure there is availability. Please contact us by email or toll free 1.877.982.2407 for reservations or to design a custom tour.