Horseback Riding

on Icelandic Horses

Horseback Riding


Meet 'Dolly'!

Horseback Riding


Meet 'Puck'!

Horseback Riding


Meet "Zappa"!

Horseback Riding


Meet "Freja"!


Max 4

Time of year

June - late August


Minimum Age

Depends on experience

Minimum Fitness Level

Icelandic horseback riding program

Meet Solon, Puck, Freja, Ringo, Zappa and Dolly, our Icelandic horses!

We offer an advanced English riding program with intelligent, energetic and independent animals, instead of the common dude ranch style of nose-to-tail, one horse following the horse in front type of riding.
We are also not offering riding as a substitute at this point for a tour but as an additional activity for clients on packages for when they get back from a tour (just like archery, Frisbee golf etc..) or after lunch before their 3pm tour. We will charge additional for clients who are not on a package at $75 for 1.5 hr trail ride per person or a class at $45 per person.  
Please don't pre book as it is subject to availability, weather , instructor availability (Ellie and I are the only ones qualified right now)


Riding lessons in the Arena:

The lessons are suitable for ages 12 and up, beginner to advanced. Children younger than 12 who are currently enrolled in riding lessons can be accessed in the arena to see if they are suitable for riding lessons. All other children can have a lead line pony ride in the arena (lead by a staff member)

Trail Riding:

The trail rides are suitable for some novice (assessment in arena) to intermediate and advanced riders. Our definitions for rider level are outlined below.

Absolute Beginner riders are defined as those with limited experience or no horse experience at all. They have not yet learned how to halter, bridle, saddle or mount and dismount properly. They do not yet know the proper cues to make a horse go, stop, turn, or understand the basics of horse behaviour. Beginner riders are defined as those with limited experience. They may have had a few lessons but need help saddling, bridling, and mounting and dismounting a horse. A beginner rider has not yet learned how to post at the trot (Still bounces at the trot), and is maybe still not completely comfortable on a horse. The rider knows the basic cues to make a horse halt, walk, turn and go. 

Advanced Beginners are those who can halter, bridle, saddle and mount and dismount unassisted. They are in control of their horse and are able to start to trot in a rising trot and correct posting diagonals. They are also relaxed on a horse and without anxiety or fear.

Novice Riders are defined as those capable of applying all the tack on a horse, mounting and dismounting and are comfortable at the walk and trot, they can post with correct seat and leg position and have complete control of the horse. They are also able to canter the horse with control and stay balanced in the seat. They can ride all 3 gaits without stirrups and understand change of direction with diagonal changes, lead changes, and control a horse in a canter and trot in a circle. 

Intermediate Riders are sure, steady, and comfortable in the saddle.  They can control all gaits and movements. They ride regularly and have soft hands on the reins, good seat, and ride with the correct hand and leg position. They are able to control the horse’s speed, make flying lead changes, as well as being able to ride a horse that is a bit green. This rider has many years of experience and can influence a horse's speed, tempo, and responsiveness. They are confident and correct in all their movements.

Advance Riders are defined as someone who has ridden all their life and on a regular basis. They have ridden young, untrained horses as well as highly trained horses. They compete at a higher level and possibly show regularly. They have taken advanced lessons and have the ability to give lessons and can start and train horses.