Birds, Birds, and more Birds

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is at the centre of a transition zone from a wet coastal climate to a drier interior climate. To the west are the fjords and rainforests and to the east is the dry Chilcotin Plateau and ranch country. To the north and south are the Coast Range Mountains.

This bio-diversity creates an opportunity to see and photograph a number of different species of birds in a pristine and stunning environment including willow, golden eagle, and marbled murrelet. On the fjords there is the possibility to see shorebird migrations, in the Old Growth Forests there are rainforest birds, in the alpine look for white-tailed ptarmigan and rosy finch, and on the plateau look for lake birds including pelicans, cranes and even the southern most colony of Arctic tern. A bit further east look for prairie falcon and sharp-tailed grouse.

At the lodge itself you will see bald eagles while sitting on the deck and eagle nests along the banks of the Atnarko River. There are also lots of hummingbirds that buzz around at high speed and compete for access to the feeders.

In addition to all these birds there is the added highlights of fantastic scenery and the possibility you will see other wildlife such as grizzly bears, black bears, mountain goats, deer, and moose.

To get the most out of birding at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge we recommend coming for several days and going with a guide.


COMING SOON! We are in the process of building a Bird Viewing Package. Even though we have not yet launched it, we can easily adapt the current Bella Coola Explorer package to focus on bird watching for those who consider themselves as "birders"!