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Travel - Media Inquiries

We understand the speculative nature of freelance work and will evaluate each request individually. We are more than happy to arrange a familiarization visit with us. Please contact us directly for arrangements and further questions.

We require a written request several months in advance for visiting journalists. This allows us to make the necessary arrangements and coordinate a press trip best suited to your needs and assignment requirements.

The following information is required:

  1. Letter of assignment/letter of intent to air from the publication/program or network
  2. Copies of clippings/examples of previous work
  3. Story focus, description of publication/program with circulation/audience figures, as well as publication/air date
  4. Details of special requirements (i.e. interview/activity requests)
  5. Names and titles of visiting media
  6. Dates of assignment, with specific arrival and departure dates and times
  7. Following all media visits, we request a copy of the article(s), video or audio program that resulted from an assignment


**High Resolution Images: If your organization needs high quality images please contact us, mentioning this point, and we will get the source for our selection of high resolution images to you.