Bella Coola: Fly fishing on the Atnarko River. Photo: Mike Wigle.
Rush Hour on the Atnarko

Our Lodge Is One of the Best Places For Bear Viewing. Why?

Grizzly Bear Dinner at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Photo: John Lehmann
Bella Coola Grizzly Bear Tours at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Photo: John Lehmann
Bella Coola Grizzly Bear Tours at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Photo: John Lehmann

People come from all over the world to experience Grizzly Bears watching in British Columbia. There are many Bella Coola Grizzly Bear Tours to chose from, so how do you chose? Like purchasing anything of value, you should consider not just the price point, but the overall experience. Our priority is to give you the best viewing experience and at the same time, have as little impact on the bears as possible.

Here is some valuable information about our Grizzly Bear Viewing;

  • We are the "home of the Grizzly Bears". Our property of 60 acres, inside BC's largest park, is "right smack in the middle" of one of the healthiest grizzly bear habitats on the coast of BC. This region is known as the Great Bear Rainforest.
  • Private Bear Viewing– no mass tour group viewings here! We restrict group sizes to 4 people per boat. We believe guests have a better experience in small groups as opposed to large ones.
  • Probably the most intimate bear viewing experience in North America - It is very uncommon to view Bears as close as we do. The Atnarko River is only about 100ft wide on average, so all viewing is of this distance and often less! This kind of viewing is of course only possible because of our river access, small groups, non-motorized boats & a good guiding protocol. Bella Coola Grizzly Bear Viewing and Tours at its best!
  • 100% All Natural - All our bear viewing is done in natural environments. We won't take you to man-made spawning channels. Guests are after a natural experience and that is what we aim to give them! We use non-motorized boats on the river, so we don't scare the bears and it's better for the environment….and don't worry, we won't make you do any paddling!
  • The Best Access - Due to our location right on the banks of the Atnarko river, we transport our guests just a single kilometre to our boat put-in area. Nowhere else in the Valley has this ease of access to the river.
  • The Best Boats- Our non-motorized McKenzie Drift Boats are built for our kind of rivers. We choose these boats instead of the rafts as they much better for viewing, photography & angling. They are sturdy and offer stable, comfortable, individual elevated seating, for a maximum of 4 people + guide.

If you have any questions about our tours, please look here: Grizzly Bear Tours or call us on 1 877 982 2407 (or from overseas +1 604 905 4994)!