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Shooting Grizzly Bears - With A Camera and the Globe & Mail!

Shooting Grizzly Bear Tours in Bella Coola at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge
Shooting Grizzly Bear Tours at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge in Bella Coola


Tim here. I was just going through some of our files and came across this neat little feature in an issue of the Globe and Mail last year.  We made a brief blog post about the writer's visit to do some bear viewing and photography, though it was before the article was published in the Globe. So here is the article! Click on the photo thumbnails above to see a large version.

Here is the mention from our earlier blog post: "Last year when renowned Globe and Mail photographer John Lehmann came to photograph the grizzly bears, he discovered that the search for the perfect grizzly bear shot can lead to incredible photography opportunities. In the search for grizzly bears, his guided group encountered incredible scenery while hiking through the forest and drifting down the river. Salmon carcasses on the banks of the river, along with scratch marks and fur on the trees gave clues to the grizzly bears' whereabouts. After a few hours of searching, the group encountered a couple of bears on the rocks across the river!"

If you are interested in doing a similar grizzly bear tour with a qualified Bear Guide, see our Grizzly Bear Tour & Bear Viewing page for more info.

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