Bella Coola accommodation at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, a wilderness lodge in Canada
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Beat Steiner - Owner & Business Manager

Beat Steiner, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Bella Coola

Beat’s steady hand is the perfect compliment to the enthusiasm of his business partners, keeping things on track and within budget.

Beat Steiner was born in Switzerland and in the early years moved back and forth between Europe and North America. Upon graduating from high school and with news of a brand new ski resort being built in Whistler, British Columbia, Beat's next and final move was west.

Arriving in Whistler in 1981 it was at first all about the skiing, ski mountaineering and notching up first ski descents in the remote Coast Mountains. To save money for travel, Beat spent the first five years living rent free by squatting in various back woods cabins. The limited funds that did come in came from writing articles and publishing photographs of his adventures. Eventually the jump was made to shooting and producing documentary films about climbing and skiing. Somewhere in there he also managed to complete a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

When in 1989 Beat hooked up with Craig Kelly, three time over all world snowboard champion, things really began to roll. Snowboarding was booming and home video technology created the market. Finally there was a shooting budget. This turned out to be a huge opportunity and Beat made the most of it. Over the next nine years he traveled all over the world in pursuit of the most dramatic mountain landscapes and best snow. It was also the genesis of the current Bella Coola Heli Sports team, with Swede providing guiding services and Beat and Christian running cameras.

Switching to full time freelance cinematographer in 1997 opened yet more doors for Beat. Projects included work on Imax Extreme, The North Face expeditions for NBC, Warren Miller's feature films and Global Adventures series, as well as numerous action sequences for both TV commercials and feature films.

The drive to find new areas to film, eventually led to the first trip to Bella Coola in February 2000. With all the traveling and shooting under his belt, Beat immediately recognized the incredible potential of this area. This was truly an undiscovered Shangri-la.

Today, Beat doesn't like to travel anymore and simply wants to spend as many days as possible in Bella Coola.