Heli Hiking in glorious Bella Coola, BC, Canada
Relaxed Ambiance, Dynamic Environment

Birds, Wildlife and Flora

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Old Eagle Eye / Photo by Bill Proctor
Bald Eagles Gathering / Photo by Michael WigleTownsends Warbler / Photo by Michael WigleLady Slippers / Photo by Michael WigleRufous Hummingbird / Photo by Michael WigleWilsons Warbler / Photo by Michael WigleViola Adunca / Photo by Michael WigleBlack Bear mon and cub / Photo by Bill ProctorCouger / Photo by Bill ProctorHowling / Photo by Bill ProctorI smell a human / Photo by Bill ProctorKiller Whales / Photo by Eric BergerOwlets / Photo by Bill ProctorPerched pair / Photo by Michael Wigle