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Frequently Asked Questions

We will go the extra mile to make sure your meal is not only delicious, but also appropriate for your unique situation. Make sure to let us know in advance so we can get the necessary ingredients that are suitable for you.

The precipitations quantity and patterns vary a lot between the 60 kilometers drive from the ferry terminal at the end of the fjord to the protected inland area of Stuie where the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is located. The lodge area has an average rain fall per year of 33 mls,compared to 66 mls slightly east of Bella Coola. The weather also can change quickly so be prepared to add or remove a layer, specially when hiking at higher altitude.

The highway between Bella Coola and Williams Lake is scenic, often breathtaking and unique. The road is not paved the entire way but it is maintained and graded regularly year round. Be prepared to use your gears to slow down. The road  past Heckman Pass requires attentive driving. There is no guardrail on the high side, on your left as you drive down. Keep an eye ahead for larger vehicles coming up. Also look around, wildlife sightings are a regular occurence on this drive.

The conditions at the lodge are often windy which helps dispersing mosquitoes and black flies. However, there is a pattern of cyclical hatching through out the summer. Most often, they are not a noticeable nuisance.  

There is an abundance of fish in the 2 local rivers that border our property, the Bella Coola and Atnarko. For details on our fishing packages and species of fish in the area see Fishing Adventures.

Groups are welcome. If you do not have the time to organize your group we can assist you with the coordination of your group. Simply Contact Us for more information.